Got to do it!

Got to add a new post on the blog so I can get used to the mechanic of the process and put my thoughts together, two hard tasks …

That is about a resume of what happen the last three month. Hosting lovely guests at the tree cottage and nice visitors
at the Open House day .

Preparing an exhibition in Finland for this summer, great, I finished last week. Twenty two paintings are flying to there now.

Received my price from Sennelier for the second position in the contest at the end of last year . A beautiful box of oil sticks,
thanks to all the FB friends and Likers of my page, they made this happen. I already use the cover to paint “Jah” on it.

I stayed home most of the time taking care of my daily chores beside painting like make bouquets all over the place ,
five in the kitchen, three in the art gallery , four at home , one in the laundry, five in the loos, three in the tree cottage,
in all twenty one with out to count two at the Crusoe cottage which is closed for repair now.

Light the wood fire to cook cocoa tea and coconut milk, some chick peas to make a couscous,
spinach from the garden and the dogs’ food, enough for three days for three dogs (my body guards, alarm and buddies).
At the end roast some fish well seasoned and throw a grapefruit’s dry peel on the coal, beautiful and natural incense.

Voila I did it…Oh I forgot…some b’s blue men reappear and I have a new sign by the road saying “not today”
when I am not there, to avoid the steep hill to my visitors. Last ad up , I enjoy strawberries grown from Isaiah’s  garden
since a month and of course the joy I have with my beautiful grand children when they come and see Coucou (me) at Indigo.


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