L’esprit Indigo…

“Her studio, home and guest cottages are a perfect reflection of her art.
And her work portrays what is most unique about the nature island, Dominica.” Anne Winn

           Clem Frederick: the builder architect

Marie’s husband, Clem, was born in Dominica.  His creative style evolved from a grassroots background and he has always enjoyed the outdoor life working as a farmer and creating things with his hands . An important key to his artisitic development was when he and Marie spent time in Normandy (Marie’s birthplace) where he helped  a renowned French photographer in the restoration of historical properties. As a result, Clem has become a formidable stonemason and an inventive carpenter. His work is unusual, individualistic and  incorporates a raw artistry with a touch of  the surreal. ” Un Gaudi antillais” is how Marie describes Clem’s talent. 


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