My new life

All what you want to know about Indigo is there: MarieFrederick reservation.pdf

Thanks and blessings to my Brothers Paul Crask, Thierry Couderc,
Dimitri Leduc
 and Sebastien Chappoton. 

Got to do it!

Got to add a new post on the blog so I can get used to the mechanic of the process and put my thoughts together, two hard tasks …

That is about a resume of what happen the last three month. Hosting lovely guests at the tree cottage and nice visitors
at the Open House day .

Preparing an exhibition in Finland for this summer, great, I finished last week. Twenty two paintings are flying to there now.

Received my price from Sennelier for the second position in the contest at the end of last year . A beautiful box of oil sticks,
thanks to all the FB friends and Likers of my page, they made this happen. I already use the cover to paint “Jah” on it.

I stayed home most of the time taking care of my daily chores beside painting like make bouquets all over the place ,
five in the kitchen, three in the art gallery , four at home , one in the laundry, five in the loos, three in the tree cottage,
in all twenty one with out to count two at the Crusoe cottage which is closed for repair now.

Light the wood fire to cook cocoa tea and coconut milk, some chick peas to make a couscous,
spinach from the garden and the dogs’ food, enough for three days for three dogs (my body guards, alarm and buddies).
At the end roast some fish well seasoned and throw a grapefruit’s dry peel on the coal, beautiful and natural incense.

Voila I did it…Oh I forgot…some b’s blue men reappear and I have a new sign by the road saying “not today”
when I am not there, to avoid the steep hill to my visitors. Last ad up , I enjoy strawberries grown from Isaiah’s  garden
since a month and of course the joy I have with my beautiful grand children when they come and see Coucou (me) at Indigo.


A late afternoon on the porch at home

YouTube Preview Image

Featuring Basil and Tiger and a few birds.

A day on the beach.



My favorite “passe temps”, hobby, treat to myself,  is to go on the beach, a special beach with the sole companions some crabs and some birds. I always have some fruits with me,  my equipment sewing and embroidery that I does not arrive to do at home and a watercolor set, an ink pen and a book or “Le Monde” that a good friend sent me from London off and on, a special treat even it is outdated .

And the time elapsed between its various activities languidly interspersed by long time swimming in the broad and meditation, the eye in the clouds. Blessed day, even if life is not always easy, I blessed every day the gods to live here.





Voyage 2013 : Anguilla – Paris




And the B’s Blue goes on…


Or ” I was there “,   tags or cosmic signs in Dominica., I got taken by the B’s blue  virus and now I move with the blue paint and a brush in my red jeep,  listenning “a tue tete” Je chante of Charles Trenet., I  love to paint “the eye” or “les petits bonhommes ” in my favorite places like beach,  river,  sulphur springs or any other place like the gavernize wall that my neighbour had the (bad) idea to use as a fence for her house ,  as ”how to bring the ghetto in the bush… ” but my little men did the job .

I enjoy seeing them everyday., I have more plans,  some of them are spontanuous and others need reflexion,  where exactly is the best place? which sign? and also try to avoid  people see me doing it. A blue mystic crusade ,  next goal France… I hope you enjoy it as I did doing it,  ” affaire a suivre “…


The Lemon’s story


This “special’’ lemon appeared the day, sometimes in January, when Clem, as a late New Year’s present, cleared out the bush and trees around the porch which were growing wild and taking over for years without my noticing and I forgot I had a wonderful view of the Caribbean sea right there.

It was a great joy to recover the sea under my eyes everyday from the studio. And there it was, hanging over the exquisite view in its rugged, warty, “crapaud like”skin, the Lemon.

This lemon is part now of my daily life like a leitmotiv,  I love watching it ,changing colours, under the sun, the rain, the sunset, from far, from close up, from down, from up…

A little history about this “citrus hystrix”, native of Indonesia then introduced in Mauritius end of the 18th century, it is called lemon, citron, kaffir lime, makrut or combava. The skin is rough and furrowed and changes as it ripens from green to a bright yellow. The leaves are used for cooking in Indonesian or Thai cuisine, and also processed into essential oil called combava, a wonderful remedy for  inflamation, rheumatism, digestive problems, stress and anxiety. The juice finds use as a cleanser for clothing and hair in Thailand. Lustral water mixed with slices of the fruit is used in religious ceremonies in Cambodia.

The lemon tree is there right in front of me with all his fruits , I found one on the ground this morning, it reminds me that the lemon s’story will end soon, sad but everything is fleeting, we have to enjoy the present.

I’ll end up with a quote of Sister Clair, a friend and an unconditional liker of Indigo  who wrote me lately: “God made lemon for Man to make lemonade.”

Let’s squeeze some to make a juice, top thirst quencher and as a tip I’ll add a little bit of ginger in it .

Don’t forget use it (lemon or lime) with some water to rinse your hair, magic result : your hair will shine full of life.


Fichier:Citrus hystrix Blanco2.408-cropped.jpg



The B’s blue period

“B” is for boys – or “les garcons” – that’s the nickname I gave Thierry and Dimitri when they first came to Indigo some years ago as guests. Then we became friends and I take the opportunity here to give them a big thanks for the big help they have given  me with the brochure, the business card and now this new website.

.When they came in December last year they brought a pot of striking blue paint – “bleu video” they called it. This special blue is close to the blue invented by the French artist Yves Klein and it is used as a screen background for movies and videos

But enough of the technical part, now for the fun…

On Christmas night Dimitri started to paint the Indigo letters on the art gallery’s wall, then helped by my grand-daughter Jacquelle they painted the entrance and the bell, the eggs in the nest, the backgammon table, and a little stool. When they went back to Paris they left the blue with me …

In February I started to paint with the B’s blue. I started with the stripes on the royal palm – that reminds me of the columns of Buren in the Palais Royal in Paris. Then I painted the heart with an arrow on the side of my bathroom under a giant pandanus tree. My latest touch (for the time being) is on the cactus near the kitchen entrance.

That colour has become part of Indigo now. So if you see the B’s blue in an unlikely place in Dominica, it is me! That’s my new plan… 


Beginning “etre dans les nuages” on a Sunday morning

Itinerant exhibition at Romance cafe. 16 décembre 2012