Who I am

“From the moment I stepped into the gallery, I knew I had found the art I was searching for.
In my opinion, Marie ‘s style of painting (and her appreciation of Dominica)
encapsulates the island,
its wildness, its gentleness and its strength.”   
Mark Steele. 




Marie (Bouvet) Frederick was born in Deauville, Normandy. After a brief period studying at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Rouen and Paris, she travelled extensively throughout Europe and north Africa where she began to develop her own expressive style.

Marie came to the West Indies in 1984 falling in love with the raw beauty of Dominica, a ‘garden of Eden’.  She married Clem, a man of the soil who is also an artist, working with wood and stone. Together with their son Isaiah, they have made their home and studio near the village of Borne, creating an extraordinary retreat carved out of an untouched forest.

Marie specializes in pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic and oil pastels. She finds inspiration in the rhythms of Dominca’s seductive environments -the old shingle homes, rumshops, full moon in the bush  and the intensity of a natural world that is larger than life.


1977 Galerie Katia Granoff, Honfleur
1980 Salon des Artistes Independent, Paris
1982 Galerie Casablanca, Morocco
1984 Galerie Cortomaltese, St Martin, French West Indies
1986 Galerie Les Mouettes, Trouville sur mer
1987 Espace Le Faste Fou, Bastille, Paris
1988 Galerie L’Envers, Deauville sur mer
1997 Domfesta, Roseau, Dominica
2008 Gallery 668, Greenwich, New York
2011 Ross University, Portsmouth, Dominica
2012 Olympic Sport and Art Contest, Old Mill Museum, Dominica
2013 Ross University, Portsmouth, Dominica



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